Three Things Commercial Property Owners Should Know About Office Sanitation Services

In today's world, a commercial property owner has the need for cleanup services that go far beyond that of a traditional janitorial service. Any time you have an office space or retail unit that becomes vacant, you need to make sure that the unit is comprehensively cleaned and sanitized. This goes far beyond that of a deep cleaning between tenants. For this type of standard to be met, you need to use professional office sanitation services. The following are a few things they can do for your office unit.

They can eliminate nearly all bacteria and viruses

Although it is impossible to guarantee that all germs will be destroyed, this type of company will come close to achieving this goal than any other service you could hire. They use recommended procedures and chemicals from the Centers for Disease Control, and they use them in such a way that not only are surfaces of the unit sanitized but also much of the internal structure is disinfected. A list of procedures can be provided by the sanitation company.

They have professional procedures to prevent new contamination

They apply various disinfectants in a way that new contaminants are not introduced while the office is being decontaminated. This is an essential part of the process. A worker's body or clothing can carry bacteria and viruses. In addition, simply coughing or sneezing can produce contamination. Sanitation and cleaning companies will use clean, sterilized uniforms to prevent this from happening, as well as protective equipment gear like gloves, face shields, goggles, etc.

They can clean the air ducts

The air system can spread contaminants throughout an office, so it is imperative that they are cleaned. This is not normally something a janitorial service would do for you, but an office sanitation company does this type of work routinely, especially when there has been a problem with mold. Mold can produce spores that can lead to health issues, but this is only one example of issues with the air ducts. Because of the importance of clean air, these ducts need to be sanitized and not simply have the dust removed the way many ducts are cleaned.

Because of the current day and age now live in, it is important to go beyond the traditional cleaning that a commercial property owner would normally have done after a tenant moves out. You want a prospective tenant to know that the office unit has undergone a robust, sanitation and not simply fresh paint and some new carpet. They need assurance that if they sign a lease, they will be protected from any bacteria or viruses left over from the previous tenant or their clients, as well as the circumstances that can lead to contamination.

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