4 Unique Features Of A Restroom Trailer

A restroom trailer is a step up from a normal portable restroom. It is designed to mimic the conditions more accurately inside a restroom in a building. Restroom trailers have some unique features you should be aware of if you are thinking about renting some portable toilets for your event.

Unique Feature #1: Flushable Toilets

With a standard porta potty, the waste goes right into a tank. There is not toilet to flush after you use the toilet. With a restroom trailer, you get to enjoy a flushable toilet. The trailer has a fresh water supply that allows the waste to be removed from the toilet. With a flushable toilet, the toilet will be clean each time someone new comes into the restroom. This can help make your event feel a little classier.

Unique Feature #2: Ventilation

One of the downsides of the traditional portable toilet is that although they are built with ventilation, it is often not enough. A portable trailer has a high-efficiency exhaust system that is designed to ensure all unpleasant odors are directed into the waste tank, keeping your event from smelling like the inside of a poorly ventilated bathroom. When you are celebrating a wedding or enjoying another special event, the last thing you want to deal with is poor ventilation that makes your event smell unpleasant.

Unique Feature #3: Interior Lights

Portable restrooms don't typically have internal lights, making them tricky to navigate when it is not light outside. Portable restrooms are designed to have interior and exterior light, making them easy to use no matter the hour. They are generally hooked up to an electrical outlet or attached to a generator to provide power.

Unique Feature #4: Insulated Interior

If you rent a restroom trailer in the winter, you will enjoy bathrooms that are comfortable to use. They are designed to have well-insulated interiors to keep the space warm. Hot water heaters can also be used to help heat up the restroom, keeping the space warm and inviting for guests to use, no matter the outside temperature. In the summer, the trailers have air conditioning systems to keep the space cool. No matter the time of year, the space will be comfortable to use.

Portable restroom trailers have flushable toilets located inside a well-ventilated trailer with interior lights and insulated interiors that allow for a climate-controlled environment. If you need extra restrooms and want restrooms that are more like a normal bathroom, you will want to rent some portable restroom trailers for your event.

Talk to a portable toilet supplier for more information. 

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A restroom trailer is a step up from a normal portable restroom. It is designed to mimic the conditions more accurately inside a restroom in a buildin