Septic System Maintenance Myths

For a homeowner that uses a septic tank, the process of having it pumped is one of the most important types of maintenance that can be done to it. However, there are many myths about septic pumping services that can make it hard to properly assess this option.

Myth: Properly Functioning Septic Tanks Do Not Need To Be Pumped

A common assumption about septic tank pumping is that it is not needed as long as the tank is working correctly. However, this is a very incorrect assumption to make. Every septic tank will need to be pumped regularly to keep the system working. Otherwise, the materials that are unable to break down in the tank can start to settle along the bottom, where they will eventually cause the unit to be more prone to clogging, as well as reducing the capacity of the septic tank.

Myth: Septic Pumping Services Will Cause Extensive Landscaping Damage

The assumption that a septic pumping service will damage the landscaping can cause a homeowner to fail to have this work done. In reality, landscaping damage is not a major concern with septic tank pumping. Generally, the hatch to the tank will be easily accessible without the need for a lot of digging. Additionally, the trucks for these services will have hoses that are long enough to reach across long distances. This can help to reduce the need for the truck to travel away from the home's driveway in order to connect to the septic tank to pump it. If your septic tank is located in an isolated area of your property, it may be out of reach of these hoses, and you may want to clear a path for the pumping vehicle.

Myth: Pumping The Septic Tank Will Cause The Home's Interior To Smell Bad

Some homeowners may assume that septic tank pumping work will result in the interior of the home developing foul smells. While it is possible for some smells to be released into the yard, these odors should stay outside. Furthermore, they should rapidly dissipate once the work has been completed. To minimize the risk of these odors making it into your house, you should keep all windows and doors shut until the septic tank has been fully pumped. Fortunately, this is not a process that will take very long. Depending on the size of your septic tank, it will only require an hour or two for the pumping work to be fully completed.

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